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Norani Qaida

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When we want to learn any language firstly we came to know about their letters same like this when we start learning Quran Noorani Qaida is the basic booklet it will tell all about the letters and how you have to pronounce all these letters that are used in Quran. it is the basic learning of the Quran .or it is compulsory for every Muslim to learn the Arabic language. by reading the Noorani Qaida you can read the letters or words of the Quran easily because in Noorani Qaida you will also learn about Zabar  (  َ) zair ( ِ) paish ( ُ) all these symbols what are the meanings of all these symbols or if these symbols are using one word how you have to pronounce these words. or in every course, you will not just learn about these things some additional things in every course that is Quran ul Kareem academy tutors will teach you like how to perform namaz 99 names of Allah with translation or explanation.


Note: 30 minutes class every day because 30 minutes is much time you can learn many things in this time duration.

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