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Nazra Qur’an

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Nazra Quran is the reading of the Quran course. Reading of Quran is not just reading it out and, as a Muslims, it is our religious duty to read Quran with correct pronunciation with its origins because in Quran every single word has many meanings if we will not read it properly according to its real and correct pronunciation or origin the meaning will get wrong so it’s not good. If we are reading it is our religious duty should read it by its correct pronunciation or origin. After doing this curse inshaa Allah you will be able to recite Quran properly because reciting the Quran daily has so much value in our religion(Islam) there are no restrictions you have to recite the complete Quran in a day you can recite one two or three verses which you can recite easily you have to recite as this Holy book is for us we have some responsibilities to fulfill from these reciting Quran properly is one of them. Many peoples are in search of online tutors to correct their pronunciation of the Quran so Quran ul Karim academy is a platform you and your children can learn easily staying at home online what is the proper way or correct pronunciation of the Quran and all things about reciting the Holy Quran. Or in nazra Quran course, you will just not learn how to read Quran you will also seek knowledge about although learn How to perform namaz, Duas/ Kalmas, and the 99 names of Allah (with translation and basic Explanation).

Packages and time duration for nazra Quran course:

Note: 30 minutes class every day because 30 minutes is much time you can learn many things in this time duration.

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