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Hifz ul Quran

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Hifz ul Quran is the memorizing complete Quran. The person male who memorizes Quran is called (Hafiz) or the female who memorizes Quran is called (Hafizah). The memorizing Quran has so much worth in our religion(Islam) who will memorize the Quran on the day of judgment when he/she will enter in heaven they can take with him any 10 members of his/her family that are the gift for hafiz from Allah there will be more many gifts like that so it’s a good opportunity you can memorize Quran and become a source of taking your parents or family in heaven. Or in this world, people also give special Respect to hafiz they called him like ustadji and sir like that, or If you memorize Quran where you are You can recite Quran easily.

Note: 30 minutes class every day because 30 minutes is much time you can learn many things in this time duration.

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