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Website Quran ul Karim is an academy or an institution that has been created by a team of Some experienced and potential people. So that by this all domestic and foreign Muslims equip with the seeking of the religion or Quran.As we know. due to the lack of time in today’s busy schedule, it is difficult to go and give Time to any institution so keeping in mind, we started such an institution through which You and your children can learn the knowledge of religion (Islam )and Quran easily by Staying at home online. Quran ul Karim gives all the facilities on one platform We have Experienced both male and female teachers with them you can learn everything easily by adjusting your schedule. As a Muslim, it’s compulsory to know about our Religion or about holy book Quran e Karim that is a great gift from Allah subhana waTala for all people’s Muslims or non-Muslims for everyone you can take help from this to Spend your life according to Islam it is a holy book that is revealed on Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).

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Services that Quran- ul -Karim academy offers
Quran–ul-Karim academy offers all the basic knowledge of religion and the Quran. After all these Special courses you will be able to read the Quran word to word with tajweed or understand the Quran or the purpose of the Quran how it is very helpful to spending life according to the Islam or if we will spend life according to this way which is Quran telling to us we can become a successful person in life or life after death.Our courses have very comfortable timings also we have experienced both male and female teachers with fluency in the English language for women’s and children’s too. So you can seek knowledge of religion or the Quran very easily. Our Quran tutors give classes in the UK also online and promote children’s adults or females also in a very good way so you can learn everything with them by adjusting your time in your busy schedule you don’t need to have to go anywhere you can attend your classes  by just clicking a button on your mobile it doesn’t matter where you are you can attend your class on zoom and Skype online. After knowing our services you just need to register yourself or start taking your class without wasting your time because we are giving packages for 1 child or 2 or 3 or also giving complete family package in very reasonable price for every course so that’s why you can seek knowledge easily we have best scholars for every special course.

Our services are:

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